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You buy your favorite music CD and want to listen to it on your computer. When you reach home, you see your sister is sleeping in the computer room. Which of the following hardware components will you use to listen to a CD without disturbing someone?
a) Web cam
b) Speaker
c) Microphone
d) Headphones

Samantha wants to use her computer to record her voice. Which hardware component of the computer will she use to do this?
a) Microphone
b) speaker
c) Headphones
d) Scanner

You are paying for your visit to a doctor in a hospital. You ask for a payment receipt. Which hardware component can produce your payment receipt on paper?
a) Microphone
b) Display adapter
c) Scanner
d) Printer

You want to type text to create a story in a word-processing program. Which of the following hardware components will you use to do this?
a) Keyboard
b) Printer
c) Modem
d) Web cam

Julia creates a project that includes several illustrations. She draws the illustrations in a notebook. She needs to capture the illustrations from the notebook and save them on her computer. Which of the following hardware components will she use?
a) Microphone
b) Modem
c) Speaker
d) Scanner

Betty prepares for her computer exam. She does not understand the concept of an operating system. She calls you for help. How will you define operating system for Betty?
a) An electronic device that is connected to your computer
b) A storage device in your computer
c) A program that controls and manages the computer
d) A circuit board that connects the input, output, and processing devices

Ken wants to know about the term software. Which of the following explanations will you use to explain the term software?
a) Physical components of a computer system
b) A piece of information
c) Instructions that make hardware work
d) Rules that enable computers to connect with one another

You notice that your friend is using a calculator on his computer. In which of the following categories does the calculator belong?
a) software
b) Hardware
c) Operating system
d) Data

You open Microsoft® Windows Media ® Player on your computer to play some music. Windows Media Player prompts you to provide a music file as input. How will you categorize this music file?
a) Operating system
b) Hardware
c) Data
d) Application

You create a monthly expense report on your computer by using a spreadsheet program. You then save this report on a floppy disk. Which of the following options represtents data in this case?
a) Audio
b) Video
c) Graphic
d) Text

Several devices are connected to your computer, and you want to share the devices with the other computers on the network. Which of the following devices can you share with other computers?r
a) Headphones
b) Printer
c) Mouse
d) Microphone

Your school has 20 computers in your computer lab. All of the computers in this lab are connected by using cables. What type of a network does your computer lab have?
a) Local Area Network (LAN)
b) Wide area netwrok (WAN)
c) Satellite
d) Virtual

Your uncle sets up a new office that includes 10 computers. He wants the computers and their associated devices to be linked together so that they share files and resources, such as printers and scanners. What is this called?
a) Network
b) Internet
c) Server
d) Workstation

Your grandfather watches you working on your computer at home. He recently heard about the Internet and wants to know what it is. How will you define the Internet to him?
a) A program installed on a computer
b) An electronic device for printing document
c) A worldwide collection of carious computer networks
d) A power backup source

Nina works on medical research. She finds some useful information about the causes of a disease. Nina wants to publish her findings so that people around the world can access it and benefit from it. What do you use to publish to the World Wide Web?
a) Internet
b) Ethernet
c) Local area network (LAN)
d) Metropolitan area network (MAN)

You are using your computer at home to chat with your friend. Your friend lives in another country. Which network enables the transfer of messages to your friend's computer?
a) Intranet
b) Internet
c) Metropolitan area network (MAN)
d) Ethernet

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