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What do you do in step 3?
a) Observe
b) Question
c) Hypothesis
d) Problem

What is a hypothesis?
a) Educated Guess
b) Educated Question
c) Educated Answer
d) Educated Problem

What is an educated guess?
a) What your friends think will happen
b) What your teacher thinks will happen
c) What scientist think will happen
d) What you think will happen

How does step 2 help you do step 3?
a) In step 2 you educate yourself through observing and research
b) In step 1 you observe
c) In step 3 you research
d) In step 2 you ask a question

What strategy can you use to help identify the hypothesis?
a) Look for the phrases : question, problem, answer
b) Look for the phrases: collect, ask, complete
c) Look for the phrases: hypothesis, predict, think
d) Look for the phrases: hypothesis, think, look

What is step 4?
a) Ask
b) Complete
c) Connect
d) Experiment

In step 4 what steps are there and what do you use?
a) materials, procedures written, data collected, run experiment at least three times.
b) Run experiment 1 time, go to the library, remember everything
c) Stop experiment, look up information, write down data
d) Stop experiment, forget information, collect data

How many time should you run the experiment (at least)?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Data is collected as you carry out your test such as....
a) time, temperature, measurements, dates, weather
b) up, down, side to side.
c) Question, answer, and problem
d) number, letter, and alphabet

True or False: Should you do exactly the same thing each and every time you do an experiment?
a) False
b) True

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