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A Review Of Ecosystems, Food Chains, And Food Webs. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Why do bears hibernate?
a) a lack of food in winter
b) to stay warm
c) to conserve energy
d) all possible answers

What adaptations allows a polar bear to survive in its environment?
a) thick, white fur to keep it warm
b) black eyes to see well
c) big body to blend in
d) nose to smell

What does an herbivore eat?
a) plants only
b) plants and meat
c) meat only
d) only other consumers

What does a carnivore eat?
a) meat only
b) plants only
c) meat and plants
d) only seafood

What are characteristics of a forest?
a) hot and dry
b) warm and moist
c) warm summers, cool winters
d) very little precipitation

What is a food web?
a) a pack of the same kind of animal
b) a group of linked food chains
c) a spider's home
d) a group of like insects

What do herbivores and omnivores have in common?
a) They both eat insects.
b) They both eat plants.
c) They both eat meat.
d) Neither of them eat plants.

Which of the following is NOT a reason animals migrate?
a) to escape from a predator
b) to avoid cold weather
c) to find a place to raise their young
d) to live with their parents

What is the correct order of the food chain?
a) producer--->sun--->consumer--->consumer
b) sun--->producer--->consumer---->consumer
c) sun--->consumer--->consumer--->producer
d) sun--->consumer--->producer--->consumer

What structural parts does a cactus have that help it to survive?
a) a waxy substance covering it
b) all possible answers
c) deep roots
d) spiny needles

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