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What is a polygon?
a) a closed plane figure with many straight lines that connect
b) a solid figure with many sides, such as a pyramid
c) having many colors
d) a person who speaks many languages

What does the word monotone mean?
a) a speech in which evry word has one tone of voice
b) a long speech given by one person
c) speaking or writing only one language
d) having only one syllable

What does the word monocle mean?
a) an eyeglass for one eye
b) a long speech given by one person
c) having only one syllable
d) a speech in which every word has one tone

What does contradict mean?
a) to speak against; to say the opposite
b) the manner in which something is expressed in words
c) formal words spoken or written
d) to say what will happen before it occurs

What does verdict mean?
a) the decision a jury makes in a trial; the decision said by the jury
b) formal words spoken or written by a jury that charge a person with a crime
c) public words issued by an official that explain a law or command
d) what is written down as someone says it

What does the prefix poly- mean?
a) many
b) one
c) after
d) foot

What does the word perspective mean?
a) one way of looking at things
b) to look at carefully in search of flaws
c) something displayed for the public to see
d) looking back at past things

What does the root dict mean?
a) speak
b) see, look
c) before
d) after

What does the prefix mono- mean?
a) one
b) many
c) hand
d) foot

What does the prefix post- mean?
a) after
b) over
c) before
d) under

What does the root spec mean?
a) see, look
b) speak
c) before
d) after

What does the root man, manu mean?
a) hand
b) foot
c) see, look
d) not

What does the root ped mean?
a) foot
b) hand
c) see, look
d) not

What does the prefix pre- mean?
a) before
b) over
c) after
d) under

What is a polygraph?
a) a machine that writes down many different changes in the body while the person answer questions
b) a person who speaks, read and writes many languages
c) a hospital that treats many different kinds of diseases
d) having or assuming many different forms

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