Growth And Expansion Chapter 10 Question Preview (ID: 1557)

American Journey Chapter 10.

America's Industrial Revolution began in
a) New England
b) the South
c) the Middle Atlantic
d) the West

Scientific discoveries that simplify work are called
a) industry
b) technology
c) factory work
d) machinery

Francis Cabot Lowell created the
a) industrial revolution
b) steam engine
c) cotton gin
d) factory system

Henry Clay became known as a national leader who
a) spoke eloquently in defense of the nation against sectional interests
b) invaded Spanish East Florida
c) tried to resolve sectional disputes through compromise.
d) was one of the chief supporters of state sovereignty

The Era of Good Feelings referred to the presidency of
a) James Monroe
b) James Madison
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) George Washington

The Monroe Doctrine
a) preserved the balance between the North and the South
b) established the demilitarized border between Canada and the United States
c) stopped the colonization of the Americas by Europeans
d) gave Florida to the United States

The American System proposed by Henry Clay included all of the following except
a) a protective tariff
b) providing for the admission of Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state
c) a national bank
d) a program of internal improvements

Which of these did the development of canals NOT produce?
a) lowered cost of shipping goods
b) brought prosperity to towns along their routes
c) united the growing country across great differences
d) increased demand for cotton

Competition, economic freedom, private property, and profit are major elements of
a) the American system
b) free enterprise
c) sectional compromise
d) the Monroe Doctrine

DeWitt Clinton planned
a) the cotton gin
b) the American Plan
c) the Erie Canal
d) the factory system

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