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value conflict is ....
a) internal
b) external
c) no answer
d) no answer

Your favorite heroes/heroines, super stars, sports stars etc.....
a) have an impact on your character
b) do NOT have an impact on your character
c) no answer
d) no answer

It something is tangible you can (pick best answer)
a) hold it
b) touch it
c) talk to it
d) drink it

Respects the rights of others is an example of.... (from notes)
a) 8 Basic Signs of Good Character
b) Your conscience
c) Ethics
d) Character

awareness of right and wrong
a) conscience
b) values
c) ethics
d) character

a) is not good
b) is a female hero
c) is a male hero
d) is like Spiderman

reputation is....
a) what people THINK you are
b) is what you ARE
c) is bad
d) is good

to learn a person's character you should study their ___________
a) ethics
b) character
c) thoughts
d) hats

inner qualities that make a person unique
a) hamartia
b) character
c) values
d) personality

an unworthy practice or habit
a) virtue
b) bad habit
c) smoking
d) vice

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