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Europe Location, Climate, Natural Resources.[print questions]

Which feature seperates the Europe part of Russia from the Asia part of Russia
a) Ural Mountains
b) the Danube River
c) English Channel
d) Pyrenees Mountains

Most people in Europe live where?
a) urban areas
b) rural areas
c) mountains
d) along the Mediterranean Sea

The United Kingdom is which of the following physical features?
a) plain
b) mountain
c) island
d) desert

What geographic feature makes if more difficult for Italian merchants to trade with countries north of Italy?
a) Sardinia
b) Alps Mountains
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Apennine Mountains

Russia's climate is mostly which of the following?
a) Cold
b) Moderate
c) Highland
d) Desert

Which of the following rivers runs through Germany?
a) Ural
b) Volga
c) Rhine
d) Seine

Germany is mostly which climate type?
a) desert
b) tundra
c) cold
d) moderate

Which natural resources are found in both Germany and Russia?
a) hydroelectric power
b) gold
c) coal
d) forests

Which condition keeps Russia's natural resources from being used?
a) lack of workers
b) harsh climate
c) no market for them
d) no government funding

What causes the U.K. to have an unusually mild climate?
a) the Gulf Stream
b) the Scottish Highlands
c) snowfall that is not very deep
d) the mountains in the southeast

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