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The ability to solve a problem mentally without repeated trial and error is called
a) insight
b) genius
c) cognition
d) perception

Animals that are able to solve problems possess
a) ability to note changes
b) social structures
c) cultural behaviors
d) cognitive ability

The mental process of knowing through perception or reasoning is called
a) insight
b) awareness
c) cognition
d) cultural behavior

Being able to identify allies and rivals is particularly important for animals that
a) make and use tools
b) live in large groups
c) migrate annually
d) solve problems

Behavior that is spread through a population by learning is called
a) cognitive ability
b) problem-solving
c) cultural behavior
d) social insight

Which of the following types of learning is associative?
a) operant conditioning
b) adaptive imitation
c) parental imprinting
d) stimulus habituation

Evolutionary benefits of a behavior include
a) better shelter and foraging opportunities
b) more opportunities to defend territories
c) increased survivorship and reproductive rates
d) greater opportunities to compete with rivals

Which of these outcomes is an example of the cost of a behavior?
a) finding a mate while defending territory
b) sustaining injury while seeking food
c) increasing territory size by defending it
d) optimizing calories during foraging

An animal's or group of animals' control of a specific area is called
a) optimal foraging
b) inclusive fitness
c) territoriality
d) cultural behavior

Cooperation, reciprocity, and altruism are three kinds of
a) adaptive eusocial behavior
b) learned defense behavior
c) helpful social behavior
d) innate animal cognition

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