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Review For Mississippi Objectives 8.1a-h.[print questions]

Which of the following is a quantitative observation?
a) The pH of lemon juice is 2.0.
b) Lemons taste sour.
c) Lemon juice turns blue litmus paper red.
d) Lemon juice reacts with zinc.

Our understanding of the universe has changed greatly over time. Which explains why this has occurred?
a) New scientific discoveries lead to new theories.
b) Theories are redesigned every ten years as a necessity.
c) The constantly evolving universe requires new theories to describe it.
d) Larger number of scientists have opinions that must be incorporated.

Alfred Wegener theorized that continents drift apart from one another and did so in the past.At first, scientists dismissed Wegener. Which of the following helps prove the Continental Drift Theory?
a) Geologists measure the width of the Atlantic Ocean.
b) Satellite images show Earth's lithosphere as a single plate.
c) Scientists realize that volcanoes occur on the edges of tectonic plates.
d) Fossils of the same species are found on the east coast of South America and weat coast ofAfrica.

Students are studying daily ozone levels near a school of asthmatic children. In order to have unbiased results, they made a questionaire for all to fill out at school and didn't mention asthma or ozone. What else could they do to increase accuracy?
a) repeat the study at all the schools in the city
b) tell everyone that they are actully studying a different problem
c) find articles about ozone levels and asthma to use in their results
d) create another questionaire for everyone participating in the study

In a experiment designed to determine if a specific brand of cat food is causing cats to meow excessively, it would be best to ________.
a) keep feeding cats with the specific brand of cat food and record the results
b) mix together the specific brand of food with another brand and feed to cats
c) let some of the cats drink water with the specific brand of food
d) feed some cats with the specific brand of cat food and the others with another brand

Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
a) There are 25 students in the room.
b) The classroom walls are white.
c) The Smart Board is 2 meters high and 2 meters wide.
d) Sixteen students were present for roll call, and five other showed up late.

You have a dark-colord piece of cloth and a light-colored piece of cloth. What would be the best way to determine which piece of cloth absorbs the most heat?
a) place one cloth outside in the sun, and the other cloth under a lamp. Measure the temperature.
b) Place each cloth under the same type of lamp for the same time period.
c) Put both cloths in the shade. Measure the temperature change.
d) Place one cloth under a 100-W bulb for ten minutes. place the other cloth under a 50-W bulb for 20 minutes. Measure the temp.

Trina wanted to find out which of her rubber balls can bounce the highest. She dropped the first ball on the cement sidewalk, and the second ball on the grass. How could she improve her experiment?
a) measuring the time it takes for each ball to reach its maximum height.
b) bounce both balls on one of the surfaces
c) dropping the second ball from a higher height
d) bounce the ball on the grass two times

Jeremiah has been studying the experiments performed by Gregor Mendel in his study of inheritance patterns. He decides that he would like to test the inheritance patterns of tall and short pea plants. Which statement should be his hypothesis?
a) pea plantsare commonly grown in many gardens
b) pollen from the flowers of tall plants are used to fertilize the flowers of short plants
c) results of previous studies on pea plants have been inconclusive
d) if a purebred tall plant is crossed with a purebred short plant, all the offspring will be tall

Which of the following statements is a example of a correctly written, testable hypothesis?
a) Does handling toads cause warts?
b) If a truck is heavily loaded, then it will use more gasoline than an empty truck.
c) Exercising for five minutes will increase my heart rate.
d) If water contains salt, then it will be easier to swim in than fresh water.

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