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What prompted Siddhartha Gautama to find the solution to eliminate human suffering?
a) He was given a royal palace by the ruler of India.
b) He was attempting to acquire more material goods.
c) He was competing with Confucius to see who would end up with more students.
d) He witnessed humans suffering from sickness, poverty, and death.

Buddhism is based on what concepts?
a) Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to enlightenment
b) yin and yang
c) devotion to Brahman and Shiva
d) monotheism and the Torah

How did the geography of China benefit the new Chinese civilization?
a) The road system permitted travel and trade to outside cultures
b) The mountains offered a refuge for criminals.
c) Flooding of the Huang He River washed trash away from the housing structures.
d) The mountains and rivers isolated China from invaders and allowed Chinese culture to evolve without outside influence.

Which of the following is NOT an achievement of the Shang dynasty?
a) development of a money system
b) creation of bronze vessels
c) irrigation and flood control systems
d) caste system

What philosophical leader, known as Kongfuzi, believed in the importance of practicing manners and treating others with respect?
a) Laozi
b) Confucius
c) Buddha
d) Vishnu

What is the ultimate goal of a Hindu in which they escape the cycle of rebirth to reunite with Brahman?
a) karma
b) ahisma
c) yoga
d) moksha

Which of the following would a Jain do to practice their idea of ahimsa?
a) avoid stepping on an ant
b) throw a brick through a window in protest
c) eat meat on Fridays
d) worship Aten the sun god

Near what rivers did early Indian civilization develop?
a) Nile and Amazon Rivers
b) Ganges and Indus Rivers
c) Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
d) Indus and Huang He Rivers

The cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa achieved all of the following EXCEPT:
a) streets arranged in a rectangular grid
b) sewer and trash systems
c) multi-storied structures made of brick
d) a written language which has been deciphered

The popularity of an individual Hindu deity was largely a reflection of
a) its ranking by the Hundred Schools of Thought.
b) the approval it received from Siddhartha Gautama
c) its pre-Aryan origin.
d) the size of its pyramids.

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