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Emotional well-being can be decribed as which of the following
a) The ability to feel a full range of emotions
b) The ability to control emotional feelings
c) The ability to express your emotions effectively and appropriately
d) All of the above

How many components of well-being do you need to possess to be considered healthy and well
a) 3-Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional
b) All, but one unless it is physical
c) All of them
d) Four

The ability to connect with others define which primary source of well-being
a) Spriritual
b) Emotional
c) Social
d) Intellectual

Which is not a component of physical well-being
a) The avoidance of unhealthy habit
b) Working out for an hour 4 times per day
c) The optimal function of all physiological systems
d) Exercising regularly

The ability to find satifaction and enrichment through one's work describes which primary component of well-being?
a) Occupational
b) Social
c) Emotional
d) Physical

The ability to gather, process, recall, and exchange information describes which primary component of well-being?
a) Occupational
b) Emotional
c) Intellectual
d) Social

Spiritual well-being refers to ____________
a) Give gifts to people to make them feel special
b) Attending church regularly, and inviting your friends to go
c) Tell others what being moral is, and correct them if they do not believe as you do
d) The development of a strong personal value system, and a meaningful purpose in life

Effective Health and Wellness can be decribe as
a) An all inclusive approach to a balanced and healthy lifestyle
b) The ablility to exercise and eat right every day
c) Doing what makes you happy all the time
d) Making sure you are skinny and never have to wear a large T-shirt

The National Wellness Institute describes wellness as
a) Being athletic
b) exercising everyday
c) Eating mainly fruits and vegetables
d) The active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful and healthful existence.

Which is not one of the 6 primary areas of wellness
a) Emotional
b) Physical
c) Psychological
d) Social

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