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What color are amethysts?
a) Colorless
b) Red
c) Purple
d) Blue

Which two are chemically the same?
a) diamond and amethyst
b) diamond and ruby
c) ruby and sapphire
d) sapphire and amethyst

Diamond's hardness on the Moh's scale is
a) 6
b) 7
c) 9
d) 10

Which metal is liquid just about room temp?
a) hydrogen
b) gallium
c) germanium
d) platinum

Which of the following is an enzyme?
a) Johnslazy
b) amylase
c) lactose
d) itsinmycase

What is a catalyst?
a) molecule which slows a reaction and is not used up
b) molecule which slows a reaction and is used up
c) molecule which speeds up a reaction and is used up
d) molecule which speeds a reaction and is not used up

Which of the following is NOT a property of metals?
a) lustrous
b) brittle
c) conductive
d) malleable

Your energy production and fat storage is controlled by your
a) oxylism
b) tableism
c) buddhism
d) metabolism

What color are barium fireworks? (and presumably lightsabers?)
a) green
b) blue
c) purple
d) red

Which is element is common in meteorites, but rare in earth's crust?
a) palladium
b) osmium
c) iridium
d) osmium

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