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This person pays invoices that a business owes to other businessess.
a) security officer
b) cook
c) sales clerk
d) accounting clerk

This person prevents crime and protect the safety of people and the property.
a) front desk agent
b) security officer
c) banquet server
d) host or hostess

This person makes sure items are checked-in and delivered to the different departments that were ordered.
a) receiving clerk
b) engineering staff
c) banquet server
d) sales staff

This person "sells" the hotels to people that may want to do business there.
a) server
b) reservations agent
c) sales staff
d) cook

This person makes reservations when guests call the hotel property.
a) sales staff
b) reservations agent
c) laundry attendant
d) cashier

This person take money once you have been provided a service (restaurant or gift shop)
a) reservations agent
b) banquet server
c) human resource staff
d) cashier

This person or department hires and fires their employees.
a) stewarding
b) human resource staff
c) bartender
d) bell attendant

This person helps with lugguage and takes it to your room.
a) bell attendant
b) sales staff
c) receving clerk
d) chef

This person is a professional cook.
a) cashier
b) concierge
c) host or hostess
d) chef

The person that prepares and serves beverages such as beer, wine, coffee, tea or sodas.
a) cook
b) housekeeper
c) bartender
d) reservations agent

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