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Study What A Cell Is And They Types Of Cells.[print questions]

A multi-cellular organism has been discovered. The cells of the organism have a nucleus and many other membrane-bound organelles. The organism is made of what type of cells?
a) prokaryotic
b) archaea
c) eukaryotic
d) bacteria

The surface area-to-volume ratio of a cell limits _______________.
a) the number of organelles that the cell has.
b) the types of nutrients that a cell needs.
c) where the cell lives.
d) the size of the cell.

Which part of the cell holds the genetic material in a eukaryote?
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

The two types of organisms whose cells do not have a nucleus are:
a) prokaryotes and eukaryotes
b) single-celled and multicellular organisms
c) bacteria and archaea
d) plants and animals

Which of the following statements is a part of cell theory?
a) All cells suddenly appear by themselves.
b) All cells come from other cells.
c) All cells have identical parts.
d) All organisms are multicellular.

A ___________ is an organism whose cells have a nucleus.
a) prokaryote
b) archaea
c) bacteria
d) eukaryote

A __________ is the smallest unit that can perform all of the functions necessary for life.
a) cell
b) eukaryote
c) organism
d) organelle

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a) All cells have a nucleus.
b) All cells have a cell wall.
c) All cells have chromosomes.
d) All cells have genetic material at some time.

Which of the following is NOT present in ALL cells?
a) organelles
b) genetic material
c) cell wall
d) cell membrane

What type of cell is the smallest?
a) fungal cell
b) animal cell
c) plant cell
d) bacteria cell

All cells have _________________________.
a) DNA, a cell membrane, and organelles.
b) DNA, a cell wall and organelles.
c) DNA, a cell membrane, and a nucleus.
d) a nucleus, a cell membrane, and cytoplasm.

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