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Increased Procedural Services
a) 24
b) 23
c) 22
d) 25

Unrelated EM service by the same physician during a post op period
a) 25
b) 57
c) 79
d) 24

Significant Separatetly Identifiable EM service
a) 25
b) 26
c) 56
d) 33

Professional Component
a) PC
b) 26
c) 25
d) 24

Technical Component
a) PC
b) 55
c) TC
d) 26

Multiple Procedures
a) 50
b) 52
c) 51
d) 53

Bilateral Procedures
a) 50
b) 79
c) RT
d) LT

Anesthesia by Surgeon
a) 31
b) 32
c) 33
d) 34

Reduced Services
a) 50
b) 51
c) 59
d) 52

Discontinued Procedure
a) 52
b) 53
c) 50
d) 51

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