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A tree is cut down with thick rings in its outer layers and thin rings in its inner layers. What is the climate like around the time it is cut down?
a) warm or wet
b) warm or dry
c) cool or wet
d) cool or dry

What 3 pieces of evidence can show long term climate change?
a) pollen, tree rings, and glaciers
b) pollen, tree rings, and ice ages
c) pollen, glaciers, and ice ages
d) tree rings, glaciers, and ice ages

What is true regarding pollen?
a) scientists infer that ancient climates are similar to the climate where the same plants grow today
b) each type of plant has its own particular pollen
c) pollen can tell scientists what types of plants lived in the area
d) all of the choices

What are ice ages?
a) periods of cold
b) a thick sheet of ice
c) periods of age
d) a thick pile of sediment

What is a glacier?
a) a thick sheet of ice
b) periods of cold
c) periods of age
d) a thick pile of sediment

What can glaciers indicate about climate?
a) sea level height
b) number of ice ages
c) length of ice ages
d) all of the choices

Which of the following regarding Earth's position does not cause climate change?
a) the time when Earth is closest to the sun
b) the angle of Earth's axis
c) the shape of Earth's orbit
d) the distance between the Earth and moon

The amount of energy the sun produces ____________ slightly when there are more _____________
a) increases; sunspots
b) decreases; sunspots
c) increases; solar flairs
d) decreases; solar flairs

Gases in volcanic ash _____________ solar radiation and __________ temperatures
a) filter; lower
b) filter; raise
c) strengthen; lower
d) strengthen; raise

Continental drift affects global
a) wind patterns and ocean currents
b) wind patterns and pangea
c) pangea and ocean currents
d) wind patterns, pangea, and ocean currents

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