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Hunger and thirst are two examples of
a) random kinesis
b) directed taxis
c) behavioral stimuli
d) circadian rhythms

Animals move from a less desirable location to a more desirable location by means of
a) kinesis and taxis
b) circadian rhythms
c) biological clocks
d) courtship displays

Most behaviors occur in response to what kind of stimuli?
a) varied and external
b) isolated and internal
c) secondary and internal
d) external and internal

The daily cycle of activity that occurs over a 24-hour period of time is called a
a) circadian rhythm
b) kinesis behavior
c) stimulus-response
d) taxis behavior

Which of these stimuli is most likely to trigger hibernation behavior?
a) higher temperatures
b) shorter days
c) lack of food
d) reduced heartbeat

Which phrase best describes an instinctive behavior?
a) usually performed incorrectly for the first time
b) often occurs where mistakes are not costly
c) generally learned, flexible, and cumulative
d) typically innate and relatively inflexible

A stimulus that triggers innate behaviors is called a(n)
a) instinct
b) releaser
c) trigger
d) signal

Habituation and imprinting illustrate that behaviors are made up of what?
a) simple responses to complex stimuli
b) both innate and learned components
c) reversible stimulus-response learning
d) unchanging responses to preset stimuli

Animals are able to adapt to new situations because they can learn to
a) modify their behaviors
b) perform innate behaviors
c) imprint on individuals
d) imitate their parents

A process in which an animal learns to associate a previously neutral stimulus with a behavior that was once triggered by a different stimulus is called
a) habitual imprinting
b) role model imitation
c) classical conditioning
d) parental conditioning

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