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Which European country had an environmental issue with acid rain?
a) Germany
b) France
c) Ukraine
d) United Kingdom

Which European country had an environmental issue with air pollution?
a) United Kingdom
b) Ukraine
c) Poland
d) Germany

Which European country had an environmental issue with nuclear radiation?
a) Ukraine
b) United Kingdom
c) Spain
d) Russia

Which countries share a border?
a) Germany and Poland
b) Sweden and Spain
c) Italy and Ukraine
d) United Kingdom and Belgium

The main causes of acid rain are
a) smoke from factoreis and power plants
b) pollution of the ocean
c) having plants that make acid
d) being too close to the sun

Which of the following is not affected by acid rain?
a) skin
b) statues and buildings
c) bodies of water
d) forests

Air pollution mixes with fog to create which of the following?
a) smog
b) no change occurs
c) a nuclear reaction
d) acid rain

Which country had thousands to die during the Great London Smog of 1952?
a) United Kingdom
b) Ireland
c) Ukraine
d) Germany

Which country had thousands of people die and get cancer when a power plant exploded in Chernobyl?
a) Ukraine
b) Belarus
c) Germany
d) United Kingdom

Why were other countries concerned about the nuclear disaster?
a) The radiation spread to other places.
b) They did not want to share land.
c) They did not want people to lose their jobs.
d) They could not visit the theme parks there anymore.

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