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Ergonomics is
a) adaptation of work environment and tasks to the human body
b) using all muscles to maintain good posture
c) rearranging items in an office for convenience
d) repetitive, forceful movements

Cumulative trauma disorders are
a) painful conditions that result from ongoing stresses to muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints
b) prolonged, awkward movements
c) techniques sed to prevent injuries
d) early onset of pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome is
a) Pain associated with continued flexion and extension of the wrist
b) a muculoskeletal disorder
c) caused by stress
d) fatigue from working long hours

Maximum horizontal reach is
a) Reach created when the upper arm is fully extended
b) Maximum length that you can reach for things on a shelf
c) repetition injury caused by reaching for things
d) maximum height your chair should be set at

Thenar eminence
a) fleshy mound on the palm at the base of the thumb
b) shoulder pain caused by reaching
c) a painful condition
d) pain in the back, neck and shoulders

Maximum vertical reach
a) Reach created by a vertical sweep of the forearm while the elbow is kept at midtorso level
b) Repetitive motions
c) injuries caused by extreme stretching
d) a position where the body is properly aligned

Musculoskeletal disorders
a) Painful conditions that affect both muscles and bones, such as neck or back pain and carpal tunnel
b) Caused by the neutral working position
c) Common symptom of eye strain
d) affects the thenar eminence

Neutral Position
a) Position when the body is properly aligned and the distribution of weight througout is equal
b) Position used when using the autoclave
c) Position patient is placed in when in the dental chair
d) frequently resting the hands

Normal horizontal reach
a) Reach created by a sweep of the forearm with the upper arm held at the side
b) Reaching beyond range of motion
c) Shoulder shrugging to maintain loose muscles
d) neutral position

a) Injury caused by sudden twisting or wrenching of a joint
b) stretching and strengthening exercise
c) Prevents carpal tunnel syndrome
d) an injury caused by repetition

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