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Chapter 17 The Role Of Color. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The amount of black or white in a color determines its ?
a) neutral color
b) intensity
c) value
d) color scheme

Using a small amount of bright color in a neutral color scheme
a) tint
b) color scheme
c) pigment
d) accented neutral scheme

The brightness or dullness of a color
a) shade
b) intensity
c) value
d) tint

Specific name of a color
a) hue
b) given name
c) value
d) pigment

A combination of colors that creates a mood or sets a tone.
a) Pigment
b) law of chromatic distribution
c) value
d) color scheme

Adding white to a hue; a hue above its normal value
a) shade
b) value
c) tint
d) intensity

Substances that absorb some light rays and reflect others
a) shade
b) hue
c) pigment
d) color scheme

Colors that do not appear on the color wheel because they have no hue
a) neutral colors
b) none are correct. All colors appear on the color wheel
c) Stupid colors
d) dark colors

states the largest expanse of color in a room should be the least intense in color
a) Law of color intensity
b) Law of chromatic distribution
c) Law of color scheme
d) There is no such law.

Adding black to a hue; a color that is below its normal value
a) pigment
b) dark color
c) Intensity
d) shade

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