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A guest enters your door! Based upon the 1st step in the FirmFive Connect Phase, you should:
a) ask the guest if they need help after giving them a couple minutes to look around the store
b) ask the guest if they\'ve been into one of our stores within 10 seconds
c) greet the guest within 10 seconds, coming around the desk to welcome & thank them for coming in
d) wait 60 seconds then greet them enthusiastically

The second step in the FirmFive Connect Phase is all about:
a) building our brand
b) making a personal connection
c) building value in our products
d) transitioning the guest to the Comparison Center

The third and final step in the FirmFive Connect Phase is:
a) selling the sale
b) explaining our showroom floor
c) qualifying the guest
d) selling the sale with ENTHUSIASM!!!

F.O.R.M. questions are used in the Connect Phase to build rapport. What does F.O.R.M. stand for?
a) Family, Occupation, Religion, Morals
b) Friends, Occupation, Recreation, Morals
c) Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation
d) Friends, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation

When it comes to selling the sale, the most important part of creating urgency is:
a) calling the sale by name
b) being enthusiastic
c) explaining the savings offered
d) mentioning the sale early

Why do we make a personal connection with our guests immediately when they enter our stores?
a) People buy from brands they like
b) People buy from stores they like
c) People buy from people they like
d) People buy from companies they like

Why do we exchange names during the Connect Phase of the FirmFive Buying Process?
a) Using names personalizes the guest's experience
b) To check for be-backs or phone sales
c) To ensure the guest knows YOU are his/her sales associate
d) To forget the guest's name after asking

Qualifying (not to be confused with FORM) questions used in the Connect Phase are primarily:
a) probing questions
b) solution questions
c) problem questions
d) surface questions

Why might we introduce other sales associates during the FirmFive Connect Phase?
a) So another associate can steal my sale
b) To create a warm and welcoming environment, where everyone is part of the Mattress Firm family
c) Because I may not know as much as the associate I introduce
d) Because the associate I'm working with will relate better

We follow the FirmFive Connect Phase because we know that most importantly:
a) guests need a process to follow when buying a mattress
b) enthusiasm & making a personal connection with the guest is key to selling
c) multiple questions must be asked to find the right mattress
d) guests want to talk about themselves

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