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What is the phase of the cell cycle in which the DNA or genetic material is copied?
a) Interphase
b) Cytokinesis
c) Telephase
d) Prophase

What happens during telephase?
a) A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes.
b) The homologous chromosomes pair up and line up in the middle of the cell.
c) The DNA or chromosomes are copied.
d) The cytoplasm pinches the cell into two new cells.

Which of the following is not in correct sequence during the cell cycle?
a) prophase, metaphase, telephase
b) telephase, cytokinesis, interphase
c) anaphase, telephase, cytokinesis
d) cytokinesis, interphase, prophase

What type of cell has a single circular strand of DNA and no nucleus?
a) prokaryote
b) plant
c) animal
d) eukaryote

What are the four phases of mitosis?
a) anaphase, telephase, metaphase, prophase
b) cytokinesis, interphase, metaphase, anaphase
c) interphase, prophase, replication, metaphase
d) interphase, telephase, cytokinesis, prophase

In which phase of the cell cycle do the chromatids begin to separate?
a) anaphase
b) metaphase
c) prophase
d) telephase

Which phase of the cell cycle differs in plants and animals.
a) Cytokinesis
b) Anaphase
c) Metaphase
d) Interphase

What are the copied strands of DNA called in the nucleus of a cell?
a) chromatids
b) nucleus
c) circular strands
d) genes

In what phase do the chromosomes condense?
a) Prophase
b) Telephase
c) Anaphase
d) Metaphase

In which phase do nuclear envelopes begin to form again?
a) Telephase
b) Cytokinsis
c) Interphase
d) Prophase

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