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Mal, Male = Bad; Abnormal; Worse.[print questions]

depressing; causing gloomor misery; causing bad feeling
a) dismal
b) malady
c) malefactor
d) malice

bad health; illness; sickness
a) malady
b) malaria
c) malevolent
d) malignant

bad air; a disease usually spread by infected mosquitoes
a) malaria
b) malefactor
c) malfeasance
d) malnourished

an evildoer; a person who does bad things
a) malefactor
b) malevolent
c) malice
d) malodorous

a word that describes a person or character who wishes bad things would happen to others
a) malevolent
b) malfeasance
c) malignant
d) dismal

wrongdoing or bad conduct by a public official
a) malfeasance
b) malice
c) malnourished
d) malady

mischied; evil intent; bad will
a) malice
b) malignant
c) malodorous
d) malaria

having bad health or having poor nutrition
a) malnourished
b) malodorous
c) malady
d) malevolent

harmful; something bad enough that it could result in death when related to cancer
a) malignant
b) malnourished
c) dismal
d) malefactor

bad smell; stinky
a) malodorous
b) dismal
c) malaria
d) malfeasance

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