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a good blessing in a religious service
a) benediction
b) benefactor
c) beneficiary
d) benign

a good person who offers help or donates money
a) benefactor
b) beneficial
c) benefit
d) bonafide

having a good outcome; favorable
a) beneficial
b) beneficiary
c) benevolent
d) bonus

a person who receives something good from someone else such as an inheritance
a) beneficiary
b) benefit
c) benign
d) bon voyage

to gain or receive good results from something
a) benefit
b) benevolent
c) bonafide
d) benediction

kind; good-hearted
a) benevolent
b) benign
c) bonus
d) benefactor

favorable; having a good effect; not harmful
a) benign
b) bonafide
c) bon voyage
d) beneficial

in good faith; authentic; genuine; real
a) bonafide
b) bonus
c) benediction
d) beneficiary

anything good that is received over and beyond what was expected (usually money)
a) bonus
b) bon voyage
c) benefactor
d) benefit

French for: have a good trip
a) bon voyage
b) benediction
c) beneficial
d) benevolent

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