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to give up rights; to recant
a) abjure
b) judge
c) jurist
d) justice

a person chosen to interpret laws, decide on a winner, or settle a controversy
a) judge
b) jurisdiction
c) jury
d) justification

the territory or land in which justice and laws are administered and followed
a) jurisdiction
b) jurist
c) just
d) justify

an expert in law
a) jurist
b) jury
c) justice
d) perjury

a group of people sworn to abide by the laws to determine the truth
a) jury
b) just
c) justification
d) abjure

lawful; fair
a) just
b) justice
c) justify
d) judge

fairness; rightfulness
a) justice
b) justification
c) perjury
d) jurisdiction

the fact that is said to prove that something is true
a) justification
b) justify
c) abjure
d) jurist

to prove; to offer
a) justify
b) perjury
c) judge
d) jury

to break the law by lying; to break a formal promise; to break an oath
a) perjury
b) abjure
c) jurisdiction
d) just

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