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Scrib, Script = Write.[print questions]

to say or write down how something or someone looks; to use adjectives in writing
a) describe
b) inscription
c) postscript
d) scribe

a short dedication written in a book or engraved on something, such as a coin or monument
a) inscription
b) manuscript
c) prescription
d) script

a piece of writing; a book
a) manuscript
b) postscript
c) scribble
d) subscription

P.S.; a short bit of writing added after a letter is finished
a) postscript
b) prescription
c) scribe
d) transcribe

a piece of paper written by a doctor that lets you get medicine at the pharmacy
a) prescription
b) scribble
c) script
d) describe

sloppy writing that is hard to read
a) scribble
b) scribe
c) subscription
d) inscription

a person who writes things down
a) scribe
b) script
c) transcribe
d) manuscript

a set of papers with writing that will be read and acted out
a) script
b) subscription
c) describe
d) postscript

a written agreement to buy and read a magazine or newspaper for a set period of time
a) subscription
b) transcribe
c) inscription
d) prescription

to write down or record; to translate
a) transcribe
b) describe
c) manuscript
d) scribble

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