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Spec = See, Look.[print questions]

careful to look at all possibilities before acting; cautious; aware of consequences
a) circumspect
b) inspect
c) introspection
d) perspective

to look at carefully in search of flaws
a) inspect
b) introspection
c) perspective
d) respect

the act of looking into one's own thoughts and feelings
a) introspection
b) perspective
c) respect
d) retrospective

one way of looking at things
a) perspective
b) respect
c) retrospective
d) spectacle

to look up to someone; to show honor
a) respect
b) retrospective
c) spectacle
d) spectacles

looking back at past things
a) retrospective
b) circumspect
c) introspection
d) speculate

something displayed for the public to see
a) spectacle
b) spectacles
c) perspective
d) introspection

glasses that help someone see better
a) spectacles
b) circumspect
c) respect
d) spectator

a person who watches something, such as a sporting event
a) spectator
b) introspection
c) retrospective
d) spectacle

to look at and think about something from different points of view
a) speculate
b) spectacle
c) inspect
d) perspective

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