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Chapter 6: Lesson 3 & 4 The FIrst Empires New Empires.[print questions]

What is Sargon known for creating?
a) Another city-state
b) A civilization
c) The world's first empire
d) A new country

What 2 factors caused Sargon's Empire to become weak and collapse?
a) Rebellion and Invasion
b) Invasion and Starvation
c) Rebellion and Starvation
d) Sargon's Death and Invasion

What 2 powers rose up?
a) Assyria and Egypt
b) Babylon and Sumer
c) Egypt and Babylon
d) Assyria and Babylon

Who was the ruler of Assyria?
a) Sargon
b) Shamshi-Adad
c) Sumer
d) Hammurabi

Who was the leader of Babylon?
a) Hammurabi
b) Shamshi-Adad
c) Sargon
d) Sumer

What is Hammurabi most remembered for?
a) Being a great leader
b) Centralizing his government
c) Being nice to the Jews
d) Hammurabi's Code

What 3 reasons led to Assyria falling to the Chaldeans?
a) Starvation, no loyalty to Assyria, and corruption
b) Rebellions from the people, starvation, and corruption
c) Rebellions from the people, no loyalty to Assyria, used the people's money build cities
d) No Loyalty to Assyria, used the people's money to build cities, and had no money

Who destroyed the First Temple in Jerusalem?
a) Nebuchadnezzar/Babylonians
b) Samshi-Adad/Assyrians
c) Sargon/Sumerians
d) The Phoenicians

What 2 inventions came from the Babylonians?
a) Calendar and 60 minutes in an hour
b) 60 minutes in an hour and Place Values
c) Place Values and Calendar
d) The Plow and Medicine

Why did Nebuchadnezzar destroy the 1st temple?
a) Because they believed in 1 God
b) Because of constant rebellions and they refused to pay taxes
c) Because he wanted to get rid of the Jews
d) Nobody knows

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