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What does Mesopotamia mean?
a) Warrior
b) Fertile Crescent
c) The Land Between 2 Rivers
d) City-State

What 2 rivers does Mesopotamia refer to?
a) Tigris and Euphrates
b) Nile and West Nile
c) Mississippi and Missouri
d) Amazon and Black

How was Mesopotamia organized?
a) As a Republic
b) By city-states
c) As a country
d) At random

What main invention made it possible for Mesopotamia to thrive as a civilization?
a) Metal work
b) Polytheism
c) Irrigation
d) The Plow

What does Polytheism mean?
a) Belief in many gods
b) Belief in one god
c) Belief in no god
d) Belief in animals as gods

Which one of these is in the correct order of class?
a) Farmers/Fishers/Artisans, Slaves, King/Priest/Landowners
b) Slaves, King/Priest/Landowners, Farmers/Fishers/Artisans
c) King/Priest/Landowners, Slaves, Farmers/Fishers/Artisans
d) King/Priest/Landowners, Farmers/Fishers/Artisans, Slaves

Who was hired to do the writing?
a) A Slave
b) A Scribe
c) A Woman
d) A King

Why was a scribe hired?
a) Because they had to by law
b) Because they had fancy handwriting
c) Because most people couldn't read or write
d) Because the king was too lazy

Why was irrigation important?
a) Because of the rainy and dry season- to make sure there was enough water at all times.
b) Because the floods needed to be drained
c) Because the land was too dry and they needed water from somewhere else
d) Because the gods said so

What 2 inventions by the Sumerians helped the most with trade?
a) The Wheel and Calendar
b) The Sailboat and Calendar
c) The Plow and Medicine
d) The Wheel and Sailboat

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