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Where did the locust invasion of 1873?
a) Colorado
b) California
c) Florida
d) Minnesota

What was the main idea of the story Clouds of Terror?
a) the children tried to save the village
b) run away from scary things
c) Grasshoppers destroyed all of the farmers crops
d) a huge storm that took over the farm land

What does the word billowed mean?
a) swell up and make a loud noise
b) to destroy something
c) make something bigger
d) fly away

How many thousands fo acres of crops were destroyed by the hoppers?
a) 500,000
b) 400,000
c) 300,000
d) 200,000

How did Helga know that the cloud was not a storm?
a) she could see silver in the cloud.
b) her brother told her it was not a storm
c) she heard about the hoppers on the television
d) she could see the grasshoppers coming

What happend at the middle of the story
a) her family tried to get rid of the hoppers by setting things on fire.
b) the family was running towards eachother to help
c) the crops were covered in the field
d) the cloud of bugs was spotted by the children in the field

What was the main concern of the family when the hoppers came?
a) there would not be enough food for the family to eat
b) they would hurt the people as they went through
c) they had a disease
d) they smelled funny

How did the dad get the hoppers out of the field?
a) he created a trap with kerosene inside to kill the hoppers
b) the horse stomped all the hoppers
c) the dad lite them all on fire
d) he burried them in the field

Why did the father have to leave to go to the city?
a) to find work so he could buy food
b) to warn the people about the hopper problem
c) to take his family somewhere safe
d) to go and get his family new clothes

When Erik went to the river at the end of the book what was he excited about doing?
a) the clear water for fishing
b) the water that they would be able to drink
c) washing his clothes in the water
d) skipping rocks across the clear water

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