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Choose the statement that is NOT true.
a) Section 504 is not a special education law.
b) Section 504 contains funding.
c) Section 504 is not as specific a law as the IDEA.
d) Section 504 is a civil rights law.

Section 504 procedural safeguards:
a) ensure that parents can require certain accomodations.
b) allow for due process for parents only.
c) allow for parents to review records.
d) protect teachers who do not implement 504 plans.

Which ONE of the following is a requirement for Section 504 eligibility?
a) The student must have a physical/mental disability that substantially limits a major life activity.
b) The student requires additional academic assistance and accommodations in reading.
c) The student is identified as ADHD and has difficulties completing class assignments.
d) The student sees the school nurse once each school day for health needs.

Which of the following is NOT a major life activity?
a) breathing
b) learning
c) socializing
d) walking

Evaluation for Section 504 eligibility should include:
a) Cognitive ability
b) Physical condition
c) Adaptive behavior
d) All of the choices

Students eligible for a Section 504 plan should:
a) be placed in Special Education classes.
b) attend a seperate school.
c) be in a regular education environment.
d) have a paraprofessional.

Teachers are responsible:
a) for being aware of Section 504 students in their class.
b) for implementing Section 504 accommodations.
c) Both A and B (or the other two choices with answers)
d) None

Section 504:
a) is a civil rights law.
b) prohibits discrimination.
c) provides equal access for students with a disability.
d) all of the answer choices.

The services or the accommodations developed in a Section 504 plan:
a) should be what the parent requests.
b) should give the student an advantage.
c) should equalize opportunities at school.
d) should be what an independent evaluator recommends.

A student with a Section 504 plan requires a reevaluation at a minimum of:
a) once every year.
b) once every two years.
c) once every three years.
d) once every four years.

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