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In which country was Igor Stravinsky born?
a) Russia
b) Italy
c) France
d) Denmark

In which year was Igor Stravinsky born?
a) 1882
b) 1782
c) 1812
d) 1828

What did he study at university?
a) law
b) music
c) politics
d) medicine

Which century was he from?
a) 20th
b) 21st
c) 19th
d) 18th

Which one of these composers was alive at this time?
a) Gershwin
b) Bach
c) Brahms
d) Rossini

Who was a famous artist from this time?
a) Picasso
b) Rembrandt
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Van Gogh

Which famous person was also from this time?
a) Albert Einstein
b) Gallileo
c) Pasteur
d) Newton

Which American president was from this time?
a) JF Kennedy
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) George W. Bush

Which one of these happened during his lifetime?
a) First man on moon
b) invention of telescope
c) invention of train
d) invention of thermometer

Stravinsky was arrested for doing something. What did he do?
a) added some music to the American National Anthem
b) spied for Russian government
c) stole from store
d) drove his car without a licence

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