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a) waddle
b) danced
c) hurrying up
d) to waste time

a) in a deep voice
b) giving the right answer
c) expressing strong displeasure
d) to sing out

a) in a different country
b) lacking moral principles
c) under the table
d) without cause

a) to move in a slow, idle manner
b) to dance
c) to turn in circles
d) to run around

a) to take away
b) to always wait
c) to take for granted
d) to pre-clean

a) a public and official announcement
b) a decision
c) a question
d) a suggestion

a) intended to make angry
b) intended to please
c) intended to ask
d) intended to make one sad

a) to put off till later
b) lacking moral principles
c) intended to please
d) a state ruled by a prince

a) to push around
b) to wrap around
c) to go over the top
d) a decoration made from cloth

a) a territory ruled by a noble
b) to take for granted
c) drowsy
d) lacking in variety

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