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Participle of break
a) broken
b) broke
c) breaks

Which tense do you use for habits?
a) Simple Past
b) Present Perfect
c) Simple present

How is the Present Perfect tense formed?
a) subject, verb bare infinitive
b) subject, verb to have, past participle
c) subject, verb to be, main verb with ing

Which is the participle of go?
a) goes
b) gone
c) went

The first conditional expresses a likely or unlikely situation?
a) likely
b) true
c) unlikely

Which is the past participle of see?
a) saw
b) seen
c) seeing

Do we use time expressions in Present Perfect tense?
a) No
b) Yes

Which of these words is commonly used in Present Perfect tense?
a) yesterday
b) a week ago
c) just

Which is the past participle of speak?
a) spoke
b) spoken
c) speaking

Which conditional expresses hypothetical situations?
a) Zero conditional
b) Second conditional
c) First conditional

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