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Final Exam Review.[print questions]

Relative Humidity is
a) the ammount of water vapor in the air
b) the eye of a hurricane
c) tornadoes
d) the ammount of SATTURATED water vapor in the air

dew point is..
a) the temp at wich water vapor condenses
b) humidity
c) monkeys
d) pie crusr

what is conduction
a) transfer of heat by electromagnic waves
b) heat
c) average value of kinetic and potential energy of molecules
d) transfer of heat by contact

what is convection
a) transfer of thermal energy by movement from one part of a material to the other
b) radiation
c) what meterologist use to determine what the temp is
d) conduction

what is the powerhouse of the cell and release energy and food
a) nucleus
b) chlorophyll
c) cytoplasm
d) mitochondrian

the part of the cell that acts like the boss and contains most DNA
a) nucleus
c) cell membrane
d) cell wall

storage areas of the cell food and water are stored here
a) vacuole
b) organ system
c) organ
d) tissue

photovoltaic is
a) device that transforms radient energy directly into electrical energy
c) chemical energy\'s best friend
d) another word for generator

what is the saying for the layers of the atmosphere
a) Try some Macaroni its awesome
c) Try, Some Meatballs, THere, Extrordanary
d) try PB&J

Killing penguins can obstract fewer girl species is zthe saying for
a) the atmosphere
d) classification

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