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Digital Citizenship.[print questions]

Searching for information about products online before buying is
a) should not be ignored when looking for the best price
b) too time consuming
c) a lot of work and not very informative
d) not helpful, because it is difficult to find products online

Information on the Internet is
a) available for anyone to use as they want
b) copyrighted and should be treated as someone else’s property
c) easy to copy and paste into your own document
d) unreliable and should be held suspect

Sharing music or copyrighted material online
a) doesn’t hurt anyone because musicians and actors make enough money
b) is caused by greedy companies
c) is illegal and should not be done
d) keeps the musician or actor popular

If someone puts copyrighted material on the Internet and another person wants to use it, that person should
a) use it, if it is for educational use
b) take it, and use it as they want
c) not use the information because it is too much trouble
d) ask permission from the author or at least cite the source

In schools, students should
a) have the ability to do whatever they want online
b) follow the Acceptable Use Policies of the school/district
c) look at other student’s e-mail if they have the password
d) come up with rules with their friends for using technology

Physical injuries related to technology use
a) is not a big deal and is not a major concern
b) will not happen for many years, so should not be a priority
c) can have dramatic and painful effects on your body
d) is not a concern for schools

Furniture and chairs for technology should be
a) the right height and size for using that technology
b) any size because it doesn’t matter to students
c) bigger than the students to allow them to stretch
d) soft and flexible so the students can be comfortable

When dealing with strangers, online users should
a) give personal information freely
b) be cautious about giving information
c) provide passwords and credit information if asked
d) not tell anyone about people they meet online

To protect a computer from virus, a user should:
a) never open an e-mail message
b) unplug your computer from the Internet
c) keep up-to-date on virus protection
d) trust your service provider to protect your computer

Virus protection and firewalls are
a) foolproof and never need to be checked
b) a waste of time and money because virus attacks only happen to big businesses
c) effective but not necessary
d) a good investment, but they need to be monitored and updated regularly

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