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Dental Procedures.[print questions]

This is defined as a surgical procedure involving the removal of bone
a) ostectomy
b) osseointegration
c) osseous surgery
d) osteoplasty

What does air powder polishing remove?
a) supragingival stains
b) subgingival stains
c) supragingival plaque
d) subgingival plaque

Under the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, employers mat not ask questions regarding______.
a) marital status
b) citizenship
c) work experience
d) educational level

An extraction that may take additional skill and equipment such as an impacted wisdom tooth is known as
a) complex extraction
b) simple extraction
c) surgical extraction
d) forcep extraction

Patient account ledgers are organized according to the______;
a) insurance company
b) patient's last name
c) employer
d) finances

This is the process of recording , classifying, and summarizing financial transactions
a) accounting
b) bookkeping
c) finance
d) financial arranging

The ___ is the core of the business side of the dental practice
a) reception area
b) treatment area
c) operatory
d) private office

The most common cause of sealant loss is _____.
a) moisture contamination
b) unfilled material
c) use of outdated material
d) bruxism

The most common attachment for fixed appliances is __________
a) bonded brackets
b) separator
c) arch wire
d) bands

In the dental office the telephone should be answered _____
a) on the first ring
b) by only one person
c) after four ring
d) immedately

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