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This is the process by which the jawbone naturally grows around the dental implant
a) osseointegration
b) endosteal
c) transosteal
d) osectomy

A call list is used in the dental office for_____
a) scheduling patients on short notice
b) frequently called numbers
c) emergency numbers
d) confirming patient appointments

All receipts, including checks and cash, should be deposited_____
a) daily
b) every other day
c) monthly
d) weekly

These are the costs that are incurred regardless of whether the dentist is in the office and whether the professional services are actually being provided
a) Fixed overhead
b) Gross income
c) Variable overhead
d) Net income

Which is an example of pharmacological restraint?
a) nitrous oxide/oxygen
b) prescription
c) mouth prop
d) papoose board

Another name for social security is_____
b) retirement
c) withholdings
d) exemptions

This form indicates the number of exemptions the employee is claiming
a) W-4
b) I-9
c) W-2
d) W-3

What are implants made of?
a) titanium & hydroxyapatite
b) tungsten
c) alloys
d) aluminum

Before treatment this form can be submitted to insurance carrier for information on what the insurance company covers and patient payments or copayments
a) pretreatment estimate
b) preapproval
c) abatement
d) priors

This allows subscriber to continue dental insurance coverage if he or she is laid off change jobs or retires
c) CDT
d) the Patient Bill of Rights

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