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Dental Procedures.[print questions]

These can prevent bone loss and gum recession that often accompany bridgework and dentures
a) dental implants
b) braces
c) partials
d) stainless steel crowns

This means that an item is not ready for delivery with the rest of the order
a) backorder
b) hold
c) overhead
d) schedule

These reflects your commitments, values, and concerns related to future employment
a) personal philosophy
b) beliefs
c) goals
d) morals

______pay is the amount the dental assistant takes home after all the deductions are made
a) net
b) gross
c) withholding
d) taxable

In which of the following prepaid dental programs must the dentist accept the amount paid by the carrier as payment in full and not bill the patient the difference?
a) fixed fee schedule
b) schedule of benefits
c) table of allowances
d) overhead

What information is included in the heading of a resume?
a) name and address
b) birthdate abd telephone
c) greeting
d) name and salutation

Extra oral radiographs needed to evaluate the height, width, and quality of bone include which of the following views?
a) tomographic
b) reverse projection
c) waters projection
d) submentovertex

Of the parties involved in dental insurance, the carrier is ____?
a) the party that pays the claims and collects the premiums
b) the person recieving the treatment
c) a spouse or child of sudscriber
d) employment organization

_____ codes are used to simplify dental transaction processing under the HIPAA
a) CDT
b) ADA
c) CDC

Which of the following agencies should be contacted in cases of suspected child abuse?
a) state or county child protective services
b) state police
c) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
d) cityhall

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