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What is characteristic of the Doppler effect?
a) apparent increase in frequency when the source is approaching an observer
b) the ability of waves to bend past small obstacles and go through small holes
c) the bending of waves due to a change in the speed of the medium
d) synonymous to the law of superposition

What is an incident pulse?
a) Happens during reflection of waves
b) Follows a change in direction of wave
c) Original disturbance that encounters the boundary or obstacle within the medium
d) All of the above

What happens during in reflection from a hard boundary?
a) a small amount of energy is transferred to the pole, thus causing the pole to vibrate
b) Leftover energy causes the wave to bounce off the pole and continue traveling in the opposite direct
c) Reflected wave is inverted
d) All of the above

What happens during reflection from a soft boundary?
a) Reflected wave is inverted
b) the wave does not transfer energy to the pole
c) Velocity changes direction
d) Wavelength changes direction

Is the levitation of water possible?
a) Yes, the water does take the certain forms
b) It is merely a trick of the camera
c) No, the video has been altered

What is a principle of diffraction?
a) Observed in a change in direction of waves as they are passing through an opening or barrier
b) Sound will bend around certain small obstacles and spread out past openings
c) Sound is distorted when traveling large distances
d) A and B only

Which way will sound refract during a temperature lapse(air warmest close to ground)?
a) Upwards
b) Downwards
c) Straight
d) Not at all

Which way will sound refract during a temperature inversion?
a) Upwards
b) Downwards
c) Straight
d) Not at all

How do we perceive music?
a) a mixture of sound waves that have different frequencies
b) As sound particles that can be decoded
c) a mixture of frequencies that do not have an obvious mathematical relationship and no pattern
d) as a series of random noises

what is not a characteristic of a beat
a) periodic and repeating fluctuations
b) two waves of similar frequencies interfere with one another
c) amplitude is changing at a regular rate
d) a fast tempo being taken by the musician

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