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Andrew ..... eat five slices of pizza in just one meal.
a) can
b) must
c) should
d) have to

In the Middle Ages, people ..... travel by plane.
a) couldn't
b) could
c) had to
d) can't

Be polite! You ..... speak rudely to your brother.
a) shouldn't
b) should
c) have to
d) don't have to

Don't worry. You ..... catch the train. We'll take you home.
a) don't have to
b) haven't to
c) haven't got to
d) mustn't

Kate is ill, so she ..... stay in bed and drink a lot of water.
a) has to
b) can
c) doesn't have to
d) can't

What do you think? Where ..... we go on holiday - New York or Columbia?
a) should
b) must
c) have to
d) can

I know how to do my homework. She ..... help me.
a) doesn't have to
b) hasn't got to
c) don't have to
d) hasn't to

You ..... exceed the speed limit. It's dangerous.
a) mustn't
b) don't have to
c) must
d) can

Grandma, ..... I please buy these scarves?
a) can
b) must
c) have to
d) should

Holly ..... pay before she leaves the mall.
a) has to
b) mustn't
c) shouldn't
d) can

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