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Where did the Indutrial Revolution start
a) US
b) Britain
c) France
d) Mexico

Why did Samuel Slater leave Britain
a) because he broke Britain's new law
b) to open a factory
c) to earn a large reward for factory plans
d) to open a mill

Interchangeable Parts
a) all machine parts are alike
b) all machine parts are different
c) all machine parts have numbers
d) all machine parts are the same color

What town was known as a model factory town
a) Boston
b) Albany
c) Lowell
d) Hoosick Falls

Corduroy Roads were made of
a) cloth
b) dirt
c) gravel
d) logs

Toll roads were also known as
a) turnpikes
b) thruways
c) highways
d) northways

Who spoke for the south
a) Calhoun
b) Webster
c) Clay
d) Jefferson

Who spoke for the north
a) Calhoun
b) Webster
c) Clay
d) Jefferson

Who spoke for the west
a) Calhoun
b) Webster
c) Clay
d) Jefferson

Where did the three sectional leaders do most of their speaking
a) senate
b) the White House
c) Congress
d) Supreme Court

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