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A push or a pull on an object is known as:
a) gravity.
b) work.
c) inertia.
d) a force.

The inertia of an object depends mostly on its:
a) size
b) mass
c) volume
d) energy

An object's tendency to keep doing what it is already doing is discussed in:
a) Newton's First Law of Motion
b) Newton's Second Law of Motion
c) Newton's Third Law of Motion
d) Newton's Fourth Law of Motion

Newton's Third Law of Motion addresses:
a) F = M xA
b) Inertia
c) Action/Reaction pairs

What unit is used to measure Force?
a) kg
b) Newton
c) Joule
d) Watt

How much force does a 600kg cart have accelerating at 5m/s/s?
a) 3000 N
b) 120 N
c) 6000 N
d) 15000 N

The oomph that an object has is known as:
a) force
b) energy
c) momentum
d) propulsion

Balanced forces:
a) are working together to make an object accelerate.
b) are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
c) are only found on scales.
d) do not exist.

What is the momentum of an object with a mass of 30 kg and a speed of 5 m/s?
a) 6 kg-m/s
b) 450 kg-m/s
c) .03 kg-m/s
d) 150 kg-m/s

What is the acceleration of a 35 kg object exerting a force of 200 N?
a) 5.7 m/s/s
b) 7000 m/s/s
c) 0.175 m/s/s
d) 14000 m/s/s

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