Endocrine System Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 1538)

Steroid Vs. Nonsteroid Hormone And How They Work.

Steroids are able to pass easily through a target cell's plasma membrane because they are:
a) synthesized from amino acids
b) lipid-soluble
c) sythesized from carbohydrates
d) synthesized from nucleic acids

Hormones can be classifed as which of the following?
a) steroid only
b) steroid or non-steroid
c) non-steroid only
d) hormones are a type of enzyme

Which of the following hormones helps our bodies resist stress?
a) oxytocin
b) epinephrine only
c) cortisol only
d) both cortisol and epinephrine

The substance that acts as a second messenger at the cellular level is:
a) cyclic AMP.
b) ATP.
c) adenyl cyclase.
d) hormones.

Production of too much hormone of a diseased gland is called hyposecretion.
a) True
d) False

Steroid hormones work faster than non-steroid hormones.
a) True
d) False

The nervous system functions at a much greater speed than the endocrine system.
a) True
d) False

Which of the following hormones reduces blood glucose levels by moving the glucose into the cells?
a) insulin
b) aldosterone
c) glucagon
d) parathyroid hormone

Which hormone controls blood volume level by increasing the reabsorption of sodium by kidney tubules?
a) parathyroid hormone
b) aldosterone
c) oxytocin
d) glucagon

This gland is very large in children but atrophies to fatty and fibrous tissue in adulthood.
a) Thyroid
b) testes
c) Thymus
d) Pineal

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