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Which state would be considered part of tornado alley?
a) Kansas
b) Florida
c) Washington
d) Vermont

What are hurricanes called when they occur in the Indian Ocean?
a) Typhoons
b) Cyclones
c) Hurricanes
d) Twisters

In which example would a tornado most likely occur?
a) Blizzard conditions
b) Gentle drizzle
c) Clashing of very hot, humid air with cool, dry air
d) Flash flooding

What is the center of a hurricane called?
a) Ear
b) Nose
c) Throat
d) Eye

In which month would a tornado most likely occur in Michigan?
a) June
b) November
c) February
d) December

Which storm is larger, a hurricane or tornado
a) Hurricane
b) Tornado
c) Both are equal
d) Sometimes tornado, sometimes hurricane

What is the weather like in the eye of a hurricane?
a) Very violent
b) Fairly calm
c) Cold and snowy
d) Unpredictable

What creates the sound of thunder?
a) Thor throwing his hammer
b) Zeus throwing thunderbolts
c) Rapidly expanding air molecules that have been super heated by lightning
d) Clouds banging in to each other

Large pellets of ice that often occur during thunderstorms are called
a) Ice cubes
b) Freezing rain
c) Sleet
d) Hail

This hot and humid state has the highest number of lightning strikes per year
a) Michigan
b) Florida
c) Oregon
d) New Hampshire

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