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The Quartering Act stated that
a) Colonists had to feed and house British soldiers
b) Colonists had to pay a quarter in taxes
c) Colonists had to share a quarter of their profits
d) Colonists had to give up a quarte of their land

Samuel Adams supported Britain
a) True
b) False

Colonists protest by doing all of theses thing EXCEPT
a) signing petitions
b) boycotting British goods
c) parading to support their cause
d) writing stories about their hardship

The British soldiers' punishment for the Boston Massacre was
a) jail
b) execution
c) fines
d) branding on the hand

After the Boston Massacre most of the Townshend Acts were repealed EXCEPT
a) the Quartering Act
b) the Stamp Act
c) the tax on tea
d) the tax on lemonade

a) conclusion
b) introduction
c) body
d) resolution

tThe Declaration of Independence stresses the idea of
a) natural rights
b) artifial rights
c) all rights
d) natural lefts

The Declaration announces that the colonies are the
a) British colonies
b) United States of America
c) Central Colonies

The Declaration of Independence stated that the colonies wanted
a) to be independent of Britain
b) Britain to give them more freedoms
c) Britain to give them more money
d) to be allies with Britain

The Declaraton of Independence was signed on
a) July 4, 2013
b) July 4, 1976
c) July 4, 1000
d) July 4, 1776

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