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What is the name of Don Quixote's friend?
a) Sancho
b) Pancho
c) Panza
d) Sanza

What does Don Quixote want to do with his life?
a) Be a knight
b) Be a magician
c) Be a soldier
d) Fall in love

What was Don Quixote's first adventure?
a) fighting windmills
b) rescuing a princess
c) saving prisoners
d) fighting an army

What does Don Quixote promise to his friend as reward?
a) an island
b) a princess
c) a new horse
d) gold

Who are the 2 men on horses traveling with the woman?
a) monks
b) nuns
c) knights
d) thieves

What is the name of Don Quixote's friend's donkey?
a) Dabble
b) Rocinante
c) Bob
d) Malfato

What happens when Don Quixote doesn't pay his bill at the inn?
a) they attack his friend
b) he is thrown in prison
c) they fight him
d) they do nothing

Who is Dulcinea?
a) his love
b) his niece
c) his wife
d) his daughter

Where does this story take place?
a) Spain
b) Mexico
c) England
d) France

What is Don Quixote's real name?
a) Alonso
b) Alphonse
c) Eduardo
d) Miguel

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