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Function Of Cell Parts And Cell Theory.[print questions]

The cell theory states that
a) All cells come from other living cells
b) Only plants havecells
c) Only animals have cells
d) cells form from spontaneous generation

The nucleus of the cell contains
a) DNA
b) ATP
d) whatever

If a cell did not have a mitochondria it will
a) live
b) die
c) have alot of energy
d) would not produce energy

Cell walls are
a) found in animal cells and are made of proteins
b) Located inside of the cell membrane
c) Can never burst
d) found in plant cells

Chloroplasts are organelles which contain
a) light energy
b) found only in animals
c) found only in plants
d) produce Carbon Dioxide

Ribosomes are sites of
a) Carbohydrate synthesis
b) Protein synthesis
c) Located on a vaccuole
d) formation of ATP

An egg cell
a) has the haploid number of chromosomes
b) has the diploid number of chromosomes
c) is also called an autosome
d) is a body cell

A transport method that does not require energy is
a) Active Transport
b) Neurotransmitter recieving nerve impulse
c) Passive Transport
d) Circulation of the blood

What reaction occurs in the mitochondria?
a) H2O + CO2 --------------------- C6H12O6 + O2
b) waste material is stored
c) mRNA is formed

The cell membrane has proteins in it which:
a) Provide ATP to the cell
b) Carries on photosynthesis
c) Act as receptors which help specific molecules into and out of the cell
d) Help small molecules to pass through the membrane

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