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what thunderstorms can do to planes
a) They are on time.
b) They are happy.
c) They are delayed.
d) They are abroad.

gives safety instructions
a) She is a flight attendant.
b) She is a pilot.
c) She is a passenger.
d) She is a captain.

end of plane
a) It is a wing.
b) It is a tail.
c) It is a mast.
d) It is a sail.

keep you on your seat
a) It is a drivers seat.
b) It is a seatblet.
c) It is a seatrope.
d) It is a seatbelt.

What is next to the aisles in a plane? We sit in them.
a) drivers seat
b) passenger seat
c) lifejacket
d) hand luggage

Who sits in the flight deck?
a) passengers and flight attendants
b) flight attendants and pilots
c) pilots and the captain
d) flight attendants

What do you do when you check in?
a) book a ticket
b) book a ticket and get on the plane
c) book a ticket and check in hand luggage
d) book a ticket and check in baggage

What is the opposite of landing a plane?
a) runway
b) flight
c) take off
d) crash landing

Which is true?
a) A jet has propellers and is slow.
b) A jet has engines and is fast.
c) A jet has engines and is slow.
d) A jet has propellers and is fast.

Where can you see your flight number?
a) on your ticket and the timetable
b) on the plane and your seat
c) on your seat and the timetable
d) on your ticket and hand luggage

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