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Which part of a cell lets nutrients and other things in/out of the cell?
a) Cell Membrane
b) Lysosome
c) Vacuole
d) Nucleus

Fossils of marine life have been found in deserts around the world. What most likely explains why this is true?
a) The wind blew the fossils into the desert from the ocean
b) Thats false there aren't marine fossils in the desert
c) At one point there was water in the desert
d) Desert animals went hunting in the ocean and brought the bones back with them.

Is this reaction endothermic? Heat + NH4Cl(s) → NH4(aq) + Cl(aq)
a) Yes because CI is in the equation
b) No because heat is one of the reactants
c) No because the CI makes the reaction exothermic
d) Yes because heat is one of the reactants

A student found a new organism and when she looked at it under a microscope she found that it had a nucleus, cell wall, and chlorophlasts. What kingdom would this organism be in?
a) Plantae
b) Fungi
c) Monera
d) Animalia

When you are designing a product, what is the first step?
a) Identify the need or want
b) Advertise the product
c) Build the product
d) Come up with the price of the product

Where do you find the hereidity information in a cell?
a) Nucleus
b) Cell Membrane
c) Chromosomes
d) Vacuole

What is made up of elements?
a) Everything living
b) Everything non-living
c) Both non-living and living things
d) Niether non-living or living

Water is able to act as a solvent to many substances because of its
a) Polar Nature
b) Clear Color
c) Ionic Bonds
d) Hydrogen Compostion

Why is ice able to float on water?
a) Its not able to float on water
b) Because when water freeezes, it expands and becomes more dense
c) Because when water freezes, it expands and becomes less dense
d) None of these

What causes objects to float in water?
a) Gravity
b) Water's polar nature
c) All of these
d) Buoyancy

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